Paramount Reproductions offers a full line of color and black & white blueprinting services. We understand that profitability comes first, we pride ourselves on providing un- rivaled turnaround and price point needed to stay ahead of the competition. We guarantee top quality blueprints for your residential, commercial, and industrial projects and ensure their timely arrival at your office or job-site!

· Print digital or hard copy blueprints of any length, and up to 36” wide. Print specs double or single sided 2 hole or 3-hole punched paper with a clear acetate cover and a black leather presentation backing. Binding options include binding your important documents with Prong fasteners and/or a spiral binding.

· Scan and Convert drawings to PDF, JPG, TIF, or PNG format also. Standard scanning size is no more than 36” wide. Specifications can also be scanned in bulk and converted to pdf. Finally, File storage in PDF/A format is considered standard practice for archiving closeout documents. Ask us about our pdf to PDF/A Conversion services. We can burn these files to a cd for the building department and are knowledgeable of all the necessary file requirements and formats that they need.

· Official City Filing. Some Connecticut municipalities now require Final Closeout of Permits for COO or in COA to be in PDF/A document form and burned to CD. If your architect or engineer cannot create the required digital file, we are more than happy to do it for you.

· AutoCAD drawings. Offer conversion form dwg to pdf and from hard copy blueprint to DWG

· (**Quality of DWG from hard copy varies depending on the line clarity of your drawings, and pricing for older antique blueprints is based on billable Auto Cad hours needed to convert the hard copy to Dwg and or pdf.**)

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